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Choppington Social Welfare Centre,
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Catering is an important part of the overall service that we provide; our kitchen was designed around being able to deliver a first class quality food direct from the kitchen to the table.

Many people these days are so particular in what food they eat, they want a healthier life style based around what food they eat; gone are the days of sandwiches and greasy foods being the main part of any buffet that we provide. The menus that we now offer to our clients are full of healthy eating food without loosing any of its appetizing look. These menu's have been put together by us, after asking many questions and listening to the answers given by hundreds of people who have attended functions at the centre. Presentation of the food is as equally important as the quality of the food, one without the other is letting us down as well as you the client. We place Labels on every dish to inform the client of what the dish is and what is in it. By doing this it allows anyone with a special dietary need to decide if they are able to eat it without it giving any problems or not. For example someone may have particular allergies i.e. nut, egg, cheese if they don't avoid these foods a reaction to them can be life threatening. 

If you have a special event coming up or have a function already booked with us why not take advantage of the vast experience that our staff have in planning & arranging functions. 

Our staff are hard working like anyone who are in the catering trade these days, they are highly trained & qualified in present day health & hygiene standards. They are also well trained on health & safety in and around the centre should any emergency arise while you are with us. That's what makes us the experts in the service we deliver to you the client and achieve our aim of ensuring you enjoy every minute of your time with us.